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Registration of NRIs as Overseas Indian Electors:


  1. Since 2011, India has allowed the registration of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) as Overseas Electors. With this provision, every Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 years on the qualifying date i.e. first day of January of the year of revision of electoral roll, unless otherwise disqualified, is eligible to be registered as a voter in the roll of the part/polling area of the constituency where he is ordinarily resident.


  1. To register as Overseas Indian Electors, please fill the Form 6A, available online athttp://www.nvsp.in/forms/form6a.html.


  1. Form 6A can also be downloaded from http://eci.nic.in/eci_main/forms/Form-6A.pdf. The application should be submitted directly to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of the constituency within which the place of ordinary residence of the applicant as given in the valid passport falls. The Application in Form 6A can be presented in person to the ERO or sent by post addressed to the ERO concerned. [The particulars and postal address of the EROs of all the constituencies of India can be seen on the website of Election Commission of India (http://eci.nic.in)]


  1. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Overseas (NRI) Electors are available athttp://eci.nic.in/eci_main/GeneralElector2122013.pdf


  1. For more details, please visit:
  1. Election Commission of India: http://eci.nic.in/eci/eci.html
  2. National Voters’ Service Portal: http://www.nvsp.in/index.html


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