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Webinar date / presentations


TEXPROCIL / FIEO Webinar on Textile sector

6th  August 2012

 Textile Industry in Brazil




13th  August 2012

Telecommunication Industry in Brazil



3 September 2012

Infrastructure in Brazil


Following the webinar, a concrete EPC opportunity has come up, wherein a Brazilian company wants to partner for its bidding process for the civil construction and engineering of a Metro train station.


3 October 2012

Attendees - 10

 Overview of India-Brazil Tourism



Webinar on Incredible India




Profile of Brazilian tourist + tourism overview of Brazil: A presentation prepared from open sources, prepared by Mr Rafael Massei de Souza, Commercial Adviser, Consulate General of India, Sao Paulo


Incredible India- presentation by India Tourism Office New York

Trade and Economic Cooperation: Core/strategic areas

22 November 2012

Core Areas of India-Brazil Trade and Economic Cooperation


With oil-Diesel trade likely on the decline, it would require constant effort both on the Indian side and Brazilian side to meet the bilateral trade goal of US$ 15 bn by 2015 set by the leadership of the two countries.

Indian Cinema in Brazil

15 Mar 2013

Indian Cinema in Brazil 


Indian cinema has been intermittently screened in Brazil mostly in festival settings. The popular TV network Globo produced in 2009 a television serial titled Caminho das índias that turned out to be huge success. The webinar discussed what are the opportunities and challenges for Indian cinema in Brazil.

Textile Machinery / Engineering / Machine tools in Brazil

22 Mar 2013

EEPC Report on Textile Machinery


Presentation on Textile Sector in Brazil



The Electrical Value Chain in Brazil:  Generation, Transmission, Distribution, what Opportunities for Indian companies ?

2 April, 2013


Electrical Value Chain in Brazil




Introduction of Indian wines / alcohol into Brazilian market - opportunities and challenges

17 April 2013

Introducing Indian Wines and Alcohol in the Brazilian Market



Structuring Indian investments in Brazil in the most tax efficient way

24 May 2013

Structuring investments in Brazil in a tax efficient way



Webinar on Make in India theme

27 March 2018

Webinar on Make in India theme - English version

Webinar on Make in India theme - Portuguese Version