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Opening speech of the I Brazil-India Journalism Research by Mrs. Monica Martinez Scientific Director of theSBPJor (Brazilian Association of Researchers in Journalism) and lamp ceremony being conducted with participation of panel speakers;

Welcomeaddressof Consul Mr. Venugopal from CGI São Paulo to the audience present at the Students’ Day 2018.

Performance of Odissi students at the Students’ Day 2018 celebration.

On first row, teacher Gyaneshree Karahe (Kathak), teacher Iara Ananda (Bharatanatyam), Consul General Mr. Vijay Singh Chauhan and teacher Silvia Meireles (Yoga).

Indian Cooking workshop conducted by Mrs. Rashmi Rawat and Mrs. Suja Venugopal at the club Hebraica São Paulo – part of the Indian Cultual Week promoted by the club with support and sponsorship of the Consulate General of India and Indian Cultural Centre.

Besides, all our regular activities such as Yoga, Odissi, Bharatanatyam and Kathak classes, and Library Services are being conducted as per schedule.

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ICC Sao Paulo - Month Report Dec 17.