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One of the main responsibilities of the Consulate is to promote two way trade and economic linkages. All trade inquiries / proposals are facilitated through the Consulate; please visit:



Write to consul.com@cgisaopaulo.in

The Consulate regularly receives notices of trade exhibitions taking place in India. This information, along with that on important exhibitions in Brazil, is placed in the Consulate website at http://cgisaopaulo.in/cgi.php?m=4&id=Exhb

A more exhaustive search of trade exhibitions in Brazil, sector wise, can be done at

It would be useful if the organizers of the Indian exhibition also promote their event by giving advertisements in the sectoral magazines published by the corresponding trade associations or other professional bodies in Brazil. Brazilian companies keen to source products from India are welcome to visit specialized exhibitions of interest to them.

The importance of Brazilian Trade exhibitions lies in that they provide a cost-effective platform to explore the Brazilian market. At such international Exhibitions, an exhibitor would not only have ready access to the importers, distributors and other industrial representatives from Brazil visiting the event, but also have exposure to the other suppliers, especially Brazilian, exhibiting at the event. Given that the country has overriding preference for mutually beneficial partnerships than for outright imports, the Exhibitor would have to carefully explore the existing value chains for gaps where he could plug in to mutual benefit. However, participation in Brazilian trade shows does throw some logistical challenges that one has to keep in mind- Please refer to http://cgisaopaulo.in/cgi.php?m=4&id=Adv

As to any buyer-seller meets / custom exhibitions for Indian companies:

They could be useful only if organized carefully (otherwise, there would be the problem of ensuring the right foot prints). One BSM was successful as it coincided with another major exhibition when the exhibits in the two exhibitions were different but the target clientele identical.

Some ideas about costs need to be borne in mind to budget a BSM / stand-alone-event in Brazil: For a meaningful event, besides the logistics like venue, equipment, utility, interpretation etc., one will also have to invest significantly towards promotion through advertisement in the media as also through other innovative promotional exercises. A ballpark figure for arranging all these comes , in the context of Sao Paulo, to around US$ 100 000 per day for 20 companies. Any budget less than that would compromise on the quality of response and results.

Any entity wanting to organize BSM/custom exhibition would have to, besides ensuring the requisite budget, also engage a professional event management company with clear articulation upfront; of available budget and expectations. Such preparation needs to be done at least 6-8 months in advance.

Trade Disputes/Advisory for abundant caution in any financial transaction: This Consulate regularly receives information on trade disputes mainly of the following nature: (i) Non-performance of contracted obligations; (ii) Non-payment for delivery of goods/services. Our advice would be that the companies should personally familiarize themselves with the entities that they wish to transact business with. Even when they finally decide to do so, they will be well advised to do so through a Letter of Credit rather than with cash payment, building in further checks. If the contract envisaged is of significant value/volume, needless to mention that further precaution in the nature of seeking legal advice before entering into the contract should be exercised.