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Consulate General of India
Sao Paulo



In view of the improving COVID situation in India, Government of India has further considered the need for relaxation of visa and travel restrictions. Further details on tourist visas are as follows:

1. e-tourist visa under the three options (one month, one year and five year), which remain suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored.

2.Regular (paper) valid Tourist visa issued to foreign nationals, which remain suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored.

3.Foreign nationals on Tourist/ e-tourist visas would be permitted to enter India only through designated Sea immigration check posts (ICPs) and Airport ICPs by flights. In no case the foreign national will be allowed to enter through Land border or riverine routes on Tourist visa/ e-tourist visa

4.The current scheme of regular tourist visa/e-visa (one month stay only) on gratis basis will also continue.


5. In respect of quarantine and all other health/COVID-19 related matters, extant guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family welfare shall be adhered to.


Sao Paulo
17 March 2022