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Consulate General of India
Sao Paulo

Advisory on 'Quality Certificate' by an unverified company

It has come to notice of the Consulate that several Brazilian companies interested in exporting their products to India have reportedly been issued a ‘Quality Certificate’ on payment basis by a firm ‘K & P Outsourcing’, from Poland, allegedly confirming the eligibility of the products of a Brazilian company for export to India.  Sample of such certificate being issued by the firm is reproduced below for information.

2.      It may be noted that such certificate is not a prerequisite for export to India. The Consulate further cautions Brazilian companies against any business transaction with such companies, and requests that such instances be brought to the notice of the Consulate.

3.      Brazilian companies are further advised to direct any queries related to trade and business with India by email to com.saopaulo@mea.gov.in