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Trade Promotion

Trade Missions – Product areas

It is important that the trade missions to Brazil are launched after careful consideration of market potential, opportunities and challenges. Special attention is sought to the study commissioned by the Consulate to identify core areas that hold potential to power Brazil-India Trade and Economic Relations (please see here: http://cgisaopaulo.in/cgi.php?m=4&id=corArs )

 Webinars on various areas organized by the Consulate in the recent past and presentations uploaded on the Website provide ready information that help in decisions. The studies / presentations do not necessarily rule out other areas but do indicate challenges that one faces as well as wishes to promote areas that face obstacles / small market potential.

Trade Missions - Events – various types

  • The list below of various available options is arranged in descending order of cost of the event for the event organizer. The costs don’t include those individually incurred by participating Indian companies (e.g. on their travel & accommodation, despatch/clearance of trade samples etc)

  • Legend:

  • Event Organizer (EO): Generally Apex Chambers of Commerce and Industry from India,  Industry Associations, EPCs, etc.

  • Event Manager (EM): Could be either a professional event management company; or, Consulate. Choice is exercised by the Event Organizer depending upon the budget that it has.




Event Manager

Typical Cost, in US$




Mounting Stand-alone Exhibition

Exhibition venue is hired and exhibition mounted. All tasks including promotion of attendance by Brazilian counterparts are to be undertaken.

Professional Event management company.

200,000 upwards

Brand India gets promoted. There is focus on India and those who come to the exhibition are actually looking at sourcing options from India.

Getting Brazilian stakeholders to one-country exhibition is a challenging task. Exhibits are to be really impressive to fill the exhibition space and make a mark. Lot of work is involved necessitating timely preparations and hiring of professional event management company. Cost benefit analysis is a must by the Event Organizer.


Mounting Exhibition cum Sale Event

Venue is hired, event is organized.

Professional Event management company.

200,000 upwards

Helps B2B as well as B2C promotion.

Custom clearing samples that in the end are also offered for sale has bureaucratic and red tape issues. Besides custom duty, taxes on profit also to be paid. Compared to event organization costs, sale proceeds after taxes may be too little.


Many EOs want the sale-cum-exhibition to be organized at shopping malls but the shopping malls resist sale on the plea that sale militates against the interests of their regular tenants.  Given the promotional nature of the event, the quality and variety of the items brought for such sale-cum-exhibition should be the best that India has to offer and more importantly covering those items that are gennrally not available from regular vendors in Brazil.


Cost benefit analysis is a must by the Event Organizer.


Participation in existing Exhibition

One books exhibition space, sends samples and participates.

Individual Companies / EPCs / Sectoral Associations

(as per Exhibition rates)

The exhibition organizers undertake the publicity and promotion. There are many other exhibitors. Foot prints are larger and help Indian exhibitors too.

Brand India is not prominent. Indian exhibitors do not have exclusive attention. Exhibitor has to pro-actively seek partners.


Visiting trade shows

Sao Paulo is the commercial hub of the country and has regular trade shows organized around various product categories. Indian companies should time their visit to Brazil with a relevant trade show so that they can attend and benefit.

Individual companies



Those wanting to explore business opportunities in Brazil are advised to time their visit with relevant trade show so that they can meet most of the stake holders at one place and also get to assess opportunities.


B2B – professional

Half a day event. Professional event management company organizes everything including publicity and promotion at a prestigious location.

Professional Event management company.


Event management company brings in professionalism and style.

Attendance may still be mixed depending upon the product of the event, synergies etc.


B2B – by CGI

If the budget is a constraint and  CGI is requested, we can organize the B2B. Typically it is a half a day session from 0900-1200 Hrs.






Adequate preparation

To make the most of their visit, Indian companies should adequately prepare doing internet research, engaging an interpreter, getting in touch prospective partners; and all this can be done in today's age even before one leaves India.